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How to read Arabic in English

1. Introduce yourself and others  - independent pronouns

2. Definite versus indefinite article

3. Name stuff  - nouns and gender

4. One or more  - singular and plural nouns


* The 14 most common verbs

MSA/Classical in brown.
Egyptian Colloquial in


GAME #1: Chat Wall


GAME #1.1: Pick-a-Door (Everyday Needs)


GAME #1.2: Pick-a-Door (Everyday Needs)


GAME #1.3: Arabic using English

 GAME #2: Arabic using English


 GAME #3: Arabic using English (I & you)



        GAME #4: Arabic using English (I, you, he, she)



GAME #5: Family shopping (Arabic using English) vocab - where, bathroom, water, straight ahead, to the right



        GAME #6-1: Phone conversation, Part 1



        GAME #6-2: Phone conversation, Part 2


       GAME #7: My name is.. Where are you from?



       GAME #8: Hello, I am...


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