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  Beginner-Start: I understand isolated words that are borrowed or used frequently. No ability to understand short phrases.

Beginner-Mid: I am able to understand high frequency questions. Speaker needs to be slow and willing to repeat.


Beginner-High: I can understand not only words and phrases but also simple sentences. Speaker needs to be slow and willing to repeat.


Intermediate-Low: I am able to understand routine tasks such as directions and getting meals. I can interact in face-to-face conversations.


Intermediate-Mid: I can add greater diversity to my expression of routine tasks. Converse on phone and comprehend simple media reports.


Intermediate-High: I can sustain slightly longer conversations not context relevant; even though poor in quality.


Advanced-Low: Comprehension is still uneven but I can understand main idea. I can play with different time frames. Yes!


Advanced-Mid: I can experience culturally implied meanings but fail to catch socio-cultural nuances. Extended complex discourse tires me.


Superior: I survive rapid colloquial speech with cultural references. Technical discussions and idioms are more frequently understood.