Arabic W/ Drag-n-Drop, Circle, and Trace. Speak, Read, Write. Beginner 1, Ages 7-11 

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Instructor: M.A., AUC (Cairo) & Columbia University (NY)


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Drag, Circle, and Trace. Discover how 💪 

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Optional: Book a private lesson at $29/25 minutes.

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You will drag-n-drop, trace, and circle. Discover how 💪

Let's enter an imaginary world with 🎲 games, 🎧 audios, and 🖼️ moving objects.

This online class is available on any device, and anywhere like the comfort of home! 🏡

Mid-class break for two minutes. Get up, move around!

SAMPLE topics:
In BEDROOM --> Let's move the bed and open the closet
In GARDEN --> Let's discover animals down a garden path
In STREET --> Let's go left, right, straight ahead?
In KITCHEN --> Let's place food on the table or in the fridge
In BOAT --> Let's move the duck! It's raining

Play Homework 5 minutes before each class.

**Please read carefully**

Checkout our interactive games on (learners are given user/pass access)

Goal: Develop Arabic speech skills; read and write single letters, syllables, and words

We will use a combination of Arabic text and roman letters while learning.

Method: Most up to date language learning techniques. Multisensory learning (off/on computer), repetition, active recall and total physical response (TPR).

Attendees: For young learners from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, and Ireland

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Simulation Topics:
Practical real-life topics: "I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm lost, where is... let's find!

Simulation Types:

1. Open-the-magic-box (words of the day)
2. Drag-n-drop (dialogue of the day)
3. Scavenger hunt (circle-&-find)
4. Spin-the-wheel (letter / number / color of the day)

Memorization Techniques:

1. Hand gestures for new words
2. Drag-n-drop, trace, and circle on browser
3. Role-play screen characters
4. Write on a whiteboard/paper  
5. Interact with each other

Language of instruction

This class is taught in English

Learning Goals

Use both the Egyptian dialect (speech) and Modern Standard Arabic (reading and writing)

Create 2 word phrases while:
1. Walking, eating, sleeping ,coloring, counting and writing letters 
2. Asking question with who, where, why
3. Recognizing buildings and animals
4. Reading sounds and syllabes

Teacher Expertise

Ahlan! Happy to share I helped design's game learning materials.  I studied at Columbia University and the American University in Cairo; and have over 10 years language teaching experience using total physical response (TPR) and active recall as my primary teaching methods. Our language materials were tested at New York University and took over 10 years to design. As a native speaker I go to Cairo every year because it gets me out of Canada's cold weather!

Homework & time commitment

5-10 minutes prior to each class. 
Play 🎧 one-line audios.


Our games give a private score

Learning Source (you will be given user/pass access) 

Three Ivy League schools and the United Nations in New York have used or recommended the materials

Supply list

1. Pencil and notebook
2. Whiteboard and water markers
3. Chrome "Free Paint Online" extension

Parental Guidance

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2. The Facebook group is only used by parents due to Facebook policy.

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Everyone should be on mute unless speaking out in class.


a. Automatic, weekly, payments
b. Cancel anytime.

Refund Policy

All ongoing classes have a standard refund policy: "Cancel subscription at any point, no refund for past subscriptions. Payments can be refunded within 24 hours of purchase."

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Our Story

In comes 21st century interactive learning. You make decisions and choices, in Arabic, just like you do in real-life! Curious? Discover how! 💪 

We founded (Quick Discover Ltd., 2012) for game and creative learning. 

1. HOW? Students will drag-and-drop, trace, and circle
2. WHY? We know we retain better when we are happy
3. METHOD? Multisensory learning (off/on computer)
4. EXPECT? Pictorial worksheets, games, and one-line audios 

Let's go!

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